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Tip: Access The Hidden GodMode In Windows 8

One of the best hidden features of Windows 7 (and Windows Vista too) has found its way to Windows 8 – the very secret, and…


Boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8 – new shortcut

Desktop users continue to search for ways to avoid booting into the Windows 8 Metro interface. In a Neowin forum post, Neowin member ‘Fred 69’ claims…


Windows 8 Tip: Switching to the Desktop from Start menu

You just installed Windows 8 and are thinking what are these square boxes? How can I go to the desktop? Well, don’t worry. You can switch…


Windows 8 Tip: Searching within Metro apps – Video

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new category of apps called the Metro apps.  In Windows 7, you can search from the explorer to find…


Yikes – tip to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8

  Laptopmag have posted a tip on how to somewhat bypass the metro interface when you start your PC. Here’s how they do it. Create an Explorer script…