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Get Excited! The Verge say the Microsoft Surface Pro looks good!

Tom Warren from The Verge gets it just right about Windows 8

In a new post on The Verge, writer Tom Warren hits the nail right on the head when discussing some of the challenges Microsoft will face when dealing with OEMS as they set prices for Windows 8.

Tom Warren from Winrumors is making a big move

Big news in the Windows blogger community. Tom Warren from the site is making a move to the online tech news site His official title at The Verge will be European Senior Editor. Tom Warren has

Winrumors is confirming that Microsoft will give out Windows 8 Tablets at BUILD.

So I was one of the first to wonder if Microsoft would give out Windows 8 tablets at the BUILD conference. Tom Warren (from Winrumors) is confirming that Microsoft WILL give out Windows 8 tablets at the conference. Quote:

Microsoft and Windows 8: An Interview with’s Tom Warren

I’ll start by saying I am a huge fan of Tom Warren. I love his site and the length and tone of his stories. For those who don’t know, Tom’s site is From the site: “WinRumors