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Microsoft Confirms The Departure Of Tony Bates And Tami Reller

The rumors were all true! Redmond has just made an official announcement confirming that both Tony Bates and Tami Reller are parting ways with the company to pursue other opportunities. Suitable replacements, the company says, have already

Tony Bates And Tami Reller Are About To Leave Microsoft, New Report

Keep on shaking, until things go right? Well, if the start of February brought the big news that Satya Nadella has taken charge as the new Microsoft CEO, the start of March brings rumors of more shakeups.

Tony Bates Believed To Have What It Takes To Take Over From Ballmer

You know things are moving towards their logical conclusion when you have people that back someone for a post start making statements in the media. The special committee tasked with finding a new CEO for Microsoft seems