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Microsoft wants to clearly distinguish between PC and tablet users

Convergence. It is not always on. Or recommended. Microsoft might have tried this philosophy on for size a couple of years back, but the company has clearly changed gears now. It would be harsh to call this

Microsoft Files For A Patent For Gesture Based Search

Considering just how big a company Microsoft is, some circles criticize it for not innovating enough. But it’s hard to truly innovate when you have so much catching up to do. Regardless, Redmond has made several important

We Still Love And Believe In Touch, Says Microsoft

Going by everything we have seen from Windows 8.1 Update 1 up until now, one might be forgiven for thinking that the spring update for the OS is all about desktop improvements. But Redmond, soon after making

4.57 Million Touchscreen Notebooks Sold In The First Quarter Of 2013

A figure was recently thrown around that revealed that 20 percent of all notebooks sold during the first quarter of the year were the models that included touchscreens. Now, however, a new research has floated up that

Analyst Predicts Windows 8 Will Take Off Together With Touchscreen Notebooks

Who would have thought the lack of touchscreen enabled units will be cited as one of the major reasons for the slow uptake of Windows 8. Surely not Microsoft, it seems. Several high-profile Microsoft executives, including CEO

Touchscreen Notebook Shipments To Grow By 70% In This Quarter

The release of Windows 8 has dynamically altered the touchscreen computers landscape, with hardware vendors and market analysts both weighing in on the future of touch enabled PCs. It seems that every weak comes with new analysis

Notebook Makers Scrambling To Secure Touchscreens

Windows/Android Tablet Hybrids

Windows 7 is a versatile and all around excellent operating system. It is not a great touch-based operating system though. Luckily a few companies such as Tegatech and Viewsonic have set out to make a Windows tablet

Windows 8 video – new keyboard, gesture controls and cursor effects

There’s a new video on YouTube by a username Xeraxical (Alex Reed). The video shows off the new Windows 8 keyboard, gestures and updated cursor. Check it out below..