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Windows 10 Build 17040 Available For Download

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast ring build for this week, with Windows 10 build 17040 now available for users enrolled…

Office 2016 Announced

Office 2016 Is Launching This Year, Touch Apps Coming Soon

If you thought Microsoft was done announcing exciting stuff after the Windows 10 event, then make way for more. Office 2016 has just gone official,…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Sep 1 – Sep 5)

From the cautious letdowns of the past week, to the pleasant highs of this one. The year’s IFA has been the reason of much joy…


Leaked Screenshots Provide A Look At Office Touch For Windows 8

An absolute cornerstone of Microsoft’s dominance in the technology world, Office is currently in the process of getting a touch optimized makeover. This, we have…


New Internet Explorer Ad Is Great, For Sentimental Reasons

Unlike some other companies (not just in technology) that create winning ads one after another, Microsoft have a tendency of rolling out some humdrum commercials,…


Microsoft Showcases Office Touch For Windows 8 At BUILD

There are some that believe that the classic Microsoft experience is still not complete on touch. Sure, the company has released a couple of flavors…


Acer Has Launched A Touch Chromebook! Is This Trip Really Necessary?

Acer. The hardware company that lives in the hearts and minds of Windows 8 users. Or not. The company has made some radical choices in…


Microsoft Files For A Patent For Gesture Based Search

Considering just how big a company Microsoft is, some circles criticize it for not innovating enough. But it’s hard to truly innovate when you have…


Office VP For Marketing Drops Metro Office Hint, Talks About What To Expect

While Redmond has, so far, been awfully coy about its operating system strategy, the company is nowhere near as discreet about what is next for…


Windows 8.1 Comes With More Than 600 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some that believe that in going full touch on its operating systems, Microsoft might have put the desktop on the backburner. While it…