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Synaptics Says HP Keylogger Is Actually A Debug Tool

Nothing to fear? HP recently came under severe fire after for allegedly bundling a keylogger onto its drivers, which would have allowed cybercriminals the ability to track every keystroke of a user. This thing blew up fast.

How To Change The Touchpad Sensitivity In Windows 10

Touchpads are sensitive things to start with. But Windows 10 allows you to modify their responsiveness by changing their sensitivity setting according to your preference. Not all laptops have this option, but more modern ones do, depending

Windows 8.1 To Bring Improved Touchpad Customization

Another Windows 8.1 improvement seems to be heading over way. The new update is already high on enhancements and new features, and each passing day seems to bring new ones to light. This short tweet by AngelWZR

30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 14

I’m nearly half-way through the 30 Days with Surface Pro experience, and so far I’ve managed just fine using a mouse at while using the Surface Pro at my desk. For Day 14, though, I’m making the

30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 14

Sure, I can get around Windows 8 using a mouse, but it’s a touch-oriented operating system. So, Day 14 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro series documents my switch from a mouse to a Logitech t650

HP Tries the Tablet Market Once Again With Windows 8

HP has had a very troubling tablet history. They bought Palm’s WebOS and then created the TouchPad, a tablet made for WebOS and then they killed the TouchPad just a little over a month after it went

HP prepping their new Tablet – the TouchPad

HP announced the availability of their new Tablet – the Touchpad this morning through a simple press release. According to the announcement, consumers in the United States can expect to get their hands on the WiFi version