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Non-Touchscreen Laptops Expected To Make A Comeback In 2014

While many a forecasts claimed that touchscreen laptops will come into their own this year, and chart up a reasonable market share worldwide, it seems PC makers are adopting a notably less aggressive strategy for 2014. The

Windows 8 Touch Usage On The Rise, Thanks To Increased Sales

If there is one thing that defines the latest version of Windows, it is touch. Redmond designed its latest operating system from the grounds up for touchscreens and touch input. For reasons mysterious, the slow uptake of

Analyst Predicts Windows 8 Will Take Off Together With Touchscreen Notebooks

Who would have thought the lack of touchscreen enabled units will be cited as one of the major reasons for the slow uptake of Windows 8. Surely not Microsoft, it seems. Several high-profile Microsoft executives, including CEO

Microsoft Said To Be Preparing A 1.5-Inch Touchscreen Display Watch

If there is one thing this new-look Microsoft is keen on, it’s innovation. While the software titan has always traditionally invested a fair amount on research and development, but the stakes are higher this time around. I

Microsoft Talks About How It Made The Surface Display Less Reflective

Talk what you may about the operating system that powers it, the fact remains that Surface tablets feature some absolutely amazing and sleek hardware on the outside. The build quality is one of the finest available, and

Touch Could Soon Become Standard Ultrabook Feature

While one may argue that strange is the fact that a decision like this is still up in the air, it seems that ultrabook makers could soon touchscreen support into a standard feature before the year is

Analyst: Windows 8 Without Touchscreen Offers A Worse Experience Than Windows 7

Windows 8 is designed for touchscreen devices, no two words about it. Microsoft has clearly envisioned a touch future as far as its operating systems are concerned, and the company has confirmed this on more than a

Microsoft Foresees Wearable Computers Within A Decade

If there is one thing Redmond is enamored with these days (besides hardware) is the future. Or should I say, future technologies, to be more specific. So much so that the company is bringing forward all kinds

Windows 8 Discount Could See Sales Skyrocket

While the world is still waiting for updated official Windows 8 sales figures from Microsoft, the company itself has maintained that thing are going well and according to plan. The thing about well and according to plan

Microsoft Shares Its Vision Of A Touch Heavy Future

Microsoft may not be all that quick to respond to the newest of trends, but touchscreens are one thing that Redmond has wholeheartedly embraced and is looking to take to the next level. We already live in