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Microsoft Wants To Mass Produce Large Touch Screens

Now this is an endeavor everyone can get behind! Microsoft seems bent on making large touch screens go mainstream, and the company is ready to do what’s needed in getting this done. Redmond acquired Perceptive Pixel for

What Could Have Been — 6 Microsoft Missteps In 2013

Nothing in life has any business being perfect. When taken in context, 2013 for Microsoft has been a country mile better than the previous year. While the launch of Windows 8 brought with it an air of

LG Shows Off World’s First Quad HD Smartphone Display

If there is one thing I absolutely dislike about laptops right now, it is the reluctance of hardware vendors to enhance the displays on their devices. Forget notebooks, even many ultrabooks are stuck by default in the

Shipments Of Touchscreen Laptops To Be Lower Than Expected This Year, Says IDC

Much was expected of touchscreen laptops at the time of the release of Windows 8. Microsoft launched its latest operating system in October 2012, which was soon followed by many OEMs bringing to market shiny new touchscreen

Touch Notebooks To Account For 15% Of The Market By The End Of The Year

Windows 8 and touchscreens never gets old. Microsoft itself, along with market analysts have cited the lack of touch enabled devices as one of the reasons for the less than stellar uptake of its new OS. Even

Shipments Of Touchscreen Notebooks Projected To Rise 50% In Q3 This Year

Microsoft has on multiple occasions lambasted the lack of touchscreen PCs in the market, and the software titan considers this one of the main reasons for the less than ideal uptake of Windows 8. But it seems

Lenovo To Increase Focus On Touch Notebooks From Now On

Compared to other PC vendors, Lenovo seems to be doing alright. While several hardware makers reported double digit decline in sales this year, the Chinese company revealed some solid showing. But Lenovo has long outlined its plans

25% Of All Notebooks Projected To Have Touchscreens By 2016

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Windows 8 is touch. For better or for worse, this functionality was to become one of the main reasons for the slow uptake of this new OS.

4.57 Million Touchscreen Notebooks Sold In The First Quarter Of 2013

A figure was recently thrown around that revealed that 20 percent of all notebooks sold during the first quarter of the year were the models that included touchscreens. Now, however, a new research has floated up that

Touchscreen Notebook Shipments To Grow By 70% In This Quarter

The release of Windows 8 has dynamically altered the touchscreen computers landscape, with hardware vendors and market analysts both weighing in on the future of touch enabled PCs. It seems that every weak comes with new analysis