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Best Buy Ready To Offer Up To $350 For Your Surface Tablet

Microsoft is gearing up to unleash its second generation Surface tablets later this month, and as expected, its partners are also joining in the fun as they roll out new promotions and programs to make the most

Microsoft Upgrades Its Trade-In Program Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Launch

Redmond put up its brand new trade-in program last week whereby the company offered at least $200 to iPad owners that wanted to exchange their tablet for a Surface slate. But while that program was somewhat limited

Second Generation Surface Pro Trade-In Program Very Likely

Microsoft recently put forward, very quietly, an iPad to Surface trade-in program on its Windows Store, whereby it is offering a minimum of $200 for users that want to trade in their Apple slate. This new promotion

Microsoft Will Offer At Least $200 If You Trade In An Old iPad

Trade-in programs are not exactly the newest of trends in the technology world. Many companies offer such campaigns, and even Microsoft that has initiated such programs in the past. And now Redmond is back with another exciting

The Surface RT To Surface Pro Trade-In Program Is A Go

Have a Surface RT and want to make the jump to the Pro version of the slate? If you are one of the several users who bought the RT version while waiting for the Pro, then you