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Microsoft Might Be Forced To Rename Skype In Europe

The European odyssey continues for Microsoft, and the market is slowly becoming a bit of a hostile environment for the company, at least when it comes to legal issues. After the hefty fine handed to it by

LG Reportedly Launching LPAD and WPAD Windows 8.1 Tablets

The world of Windows 8.1 tablets just got a fair bit more interesting these past few months, and it seems that the good stuff is yet to come, with more and more companies jumping in. Now there

Instagram Starts Cracking Down On Apps With Insta Or Gram In Their Names

It had to happen. Just like all large companies in the past, Instagram has started to get tough with third-party developers that make use of its API to develop custom solutions. An official Instagram client is one

Bing Is Not Quite A Verb Yet, Despite Microsoft’s Best Efforts

A large number of people, at least in the US, have recently made the switch to Bing. Part of this is because of Microsoft’s active efforts to promote its search engine. Statistics do confirm that its market

Microsoft Issues A Statement On The SkyDrive Name Change

If it’s not already there, Redmond’s cloud storage solution is fast becoming one of the most key factors of the true Windows experience. The software titan has (and is) integrating SkyDrive features into the Windows operating system.