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Want To Try Out Windows 8.1 Before Buying It? Download This 90-Day Trial

Windows 8.1 comes with a truckload of improvements, many of which seem to have piqued the interest of traditional desktop users that were not really interested in upgrading to Windows 8 last year. Well, if you are

Microsoft Wins Again In Patent Dispute, Motorola Ordered To Pay $14 Million

Part of the reason why Google bought Motorola Mobility was its notable portfolio of technology patents. But things are not quite working out as well as Google may have desired. Redmond has once again been declared victor

Microsoft Wants More Trial Versions For Metro Apps

Ah, trial versions. One of the most important elements of commercial software, and one that played a large role in making paid applications popular, at least on the Windows platform, is the introduction of trial versions of

My thoughts on the Samsung vs Apple trial

So Apple won. I won’t go into my conspiracy theory about how this trial may have been doomed for Samsung from the beginning, I’ll just write a simple article about my thoughts of the outcome. What do

Open letter to Google Chrome OS team

Umm I know you guys are giving away trial laptop versions of the Chrome OS. I spend a lot of time speculating here about superior cloud operating systems and sure would love to get one early for