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What Exclusive Features Could Windows RT 8.1 Bring?

An even bigger question here is that who thinks up these names? From Windows RT to Windows RT 8.1, this is a naming scheme that while very interesting, makes total sense. You may well be aware that

ValueAct Buys A $2 Billion Stake In Microsoft

Microsoft last week released its financial details for the first quarter of the year, revealing that it generated more than $20 billion in revenue and well over $6 billion in net income. Now reports are coming in

Surface Tablets To Debut In New Markets In The Second Half Of 2013

There has been nothing bombastic on the Surface tablet front these past few weeks. It’s business as usual, as Microsoft seems to have nailed a lot of the issues that affected its premier slates. Oh, and the

Surface Mini Could Be An 8-Inch Model

Of all the Surface tablets that are in our future, the Mini is gaining the most attraction these days. Microsoft has obviously confirmed noting up until now, but the rumor mill is churning nevertheless. Even the Wall

Microsoft Confirms 2013 BUILD Conference Sold Out In Just One Day

If there is one thing that has underlined the success of the Windows operating system, it is the amount of software developers that code for the system. No surprises then that Microsoft named its annual developer conference

Microsoft Will Not Take Preorders For Surface Pro Before February 9

Microsoft wants many things when it comes to Surface Pro. It wants it to succeed as a business device. It most likely wants to see people get in lines to purchase the tablet. And apparently, it also

Microsoft Plans To Help Dell Go Private By Injecting Up To $3 Billion

By now most of you may be aware of Dell’ plans to go private. This private business is no easy trip. In fact, according to Dell, the whole adventure will cost anywhere in the region of $22

Microsoft Readying Another Marketing Blitz For Surface Pro

The release of Windows 8 and the Surface lineup of tablets towards the end of last year was one of the most important events for Microsoft in recent memory. And for its part, the Redmond giant spared

Surface With Windows 8 Pro Set To Replace Laptops In The Business World

Microsoft’s first ever tablet, the Surface RT, has been rather slow off the blocks. And one of the reasons cited for the low sales number is the inevitable arrival of the Pro version later this month. A

Microsoft Ready To Start Work On The Next Version Of Windows Phone

Job postings rarely cease to attract interests, particularly if it is from a software giant known as Microsoft. The Redmond company seems ready to begin work on the next version of its mobile operating system as it