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Microsoft Shuts Its Surface Support Twitter Account

But the Surface line isn’t going anywhere! Right? Not the most ideal news, but Microsoft has made the decision to close its Surface support Twitter account. And instead is pushing customers towards the Microsoft Support Twitter account

Microsoft Transfers The @Messenger Twitter Account To Facebook

The word Messenger has a new meaning! Microsoft’s Messenger service has been discontinued completely now, as the company focuses its communication efforts on the Skype platform. The final milestone was reached late last month when Redmond announced

Twitter For Windows Phone Finally Updated After Seven Months

For a company as popular as Twitter, its official app on the Windows Phone platform sure has a bunch of scathing reviews. This application has been considered a second class citizen of the app world. In fact,

You Can Now Search For Tweets And Hashtags On Bing

About time! Microsoft have just signed a new partnership deal with Twitter, and users can now search for Twitter accounts, tweets and hashtags straight from the Bing homepage. This is an exclusive partnership with the social network.

Twitter Animated GIFs Support Announced, Windows Phone Misses Out

Users had been crying for eons for the ability share animated GIFs and emoticons on Twitter, with the social network disallowing any form of animated content on the website. It automatically compressed images into JPG files, instead.

Fake Steve Ballmer Twitter Account Gets Instantly Zapped

Big old Steve. Even when he is out of his position at the very top of the technology world, he is in the news. This time, however, with no magic of his own. Well mostly. You see,

MetroTwit For Windows Discontinued, We Can Thank Twitter For This

Another one bites the dust! Twitter sure knows how to play its cards, and the social network has set up a ridiculous little token limit for third party applications that access its service via the API. And

New Update To Twitter For Windows 8 Brings Multiple Account Support

After smashing (or hitting, for the less enthusiastic among you) the important milestone of hundred thousand apps on the Windows Store, Microsoft seems to be keeping an even closer eye on its apps repository. Several circles have

Twitter Will Soon Drop Support For IE6 And IE7 For Its Website

The two classic browser versions from Microsoft are soon set to sail into the west. Over the past few months, Redmond made its intentions of retiring Internet Explorer 6 very clear. The software titan recently launched a

Twitter App Gets Bugs Fixed, Back In The Windows Store

All is well with the (Windows 8) world, then. A buggy build of the Twitter app in the Windows Store that was recently taken down seems to be back in business with a new fixed version. News