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Linus Torvalds talks about Windows 8 and UEFI

Linus Torvalds talks about Windows 8 and UEFI. The father of Linux is surprisingly accepting of Microsoft and the UEFI restrictions being placed in Windows 8. All Windows 8 licensed hardware will be shipping with secure boot

Windows 8 on ARM Getting a UEFI OS Lockdown?

Not too long ago we laid to rest the whole conspiracy idea that Microsoft was locking out PCs with Windows 8. What this meant was that alternative OS options like Linux couldn’t install thanks to new technology

Microsoft reveal Windows 8 hard drive management improvements

Microsoft have released a new blog post on their Windows 8 development blog. The post, written by Bryan Matthew, a program manager on the Storage & File System team discusses the work they have done focused on scale

Windows 8: The conflict between UEFI and Linux

What is UEFI? Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a technology used in Windows 8 that requires any program to present a certified key to be allowed to execute while the operating system is booting. Any computer

Windows 8 Boot Screen: Faster and Trendier

Windows 8, along with all its new interesting features has managed to redesign and provide a completely new boot screen. The computer manufacturer logo will be displayed first followed by the new Windows 8 boot screen instead

Dual Booting Linux Might be Possible in Windows 8 After All

Microsoft responded to the reports of Windows 8 not being able to dual boot Linux because of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. (UEFI) Tony Mangefeste, senior program manager at Microsoft,  disproved the theory in a blog post last Thursday.

Windows 8 Secure Boot Technology

Windows 8 Secure Boot Technology How do you protect your operating system from malware while it is being loaded? How do you ensure that only genuine programs get access to the operating system? For years, attackers have

Trouble for Linux Users and Windows 8

If you have ever tried dual (or triple) booting your Windows system, you probably know that the current Windows boot manager is completely text-based. Well that has all changed with Windows 8. Microsoft decided to use a

Windows 8 will have super fast boot times

Yet another blog post from Steven Sinofsky where he talks about new features in Windows 8. He talks extensively about how they planned to achieve faster bootup times for the operating system. He sums up the goals