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New Light Theme The Star In Windows 10 Build 18282

Let there be light! Or, well, you know, a blinding light theme in Windows 10. Microsoft has listened to the public demand in Windows 10 build 18282 by baking in a true light theme in the OS.

Cortana To Be Split From Windows Search

Oh, Cortana! Looks like Windows 10 19H1 will come with a major change on the desktop, where the voice assistant will no longer be part of the search experience. To the delight of many, to the dismay

Windows 10 19H1 Replaces The Classic Volume Mixer

Brace for more changes, everybody! Looks like Microsoft has another modification lined up for the upcoming Windows 10 19H1. The classic Volume Mixer seems like a goner in this version. Instead, this legacy option will be transferred

Why Is Windows 10 UI Still A Mess?

Jeez, how many shades of grey does one need? A lot, apparently. If you think Windows 10 UI is a mess, then you are not alone. As this cool little image illustrates so aptly. Consistency is a

Firefox 63 Brings Support For Windows 10 Dark Mode

A new version of the Firefox web browser is in the air! And Firefox 63 brings with it several improvements for Windows 10 both in terms of looks and features. Including support for the dark mode in

Microsoft Store Getting Even More Improvements

More of a good thing is never bad, right? Well, that seems to be the driving philosophy for Microsoft, as the company has lined up even more Microsoft Store improvements for Windows 10 users. Users accessing the

This Is What File Explorer Should Look Like

Or you know, something like this. Microsoft may have recently finalized the look of the File Explorer in Windows 10, however not everyone is pleased with the effort. Which you can take a look at here. It’s

Microsoft Has Finalized File Explorer Dark Mode

A new week, a new Windows 10 build. This time around, build 17733 is the one that is doing the rounds. And it brings with it a dark mode for File Explorer that was announced all the

Microsoft Store App Gets A Design Refresh

Long time due, too. Redmond has rolled out a design refresh for the Microsoft Store app, the desktop one at least, along with a few new features to go with it. First noted here, this new update

New Microsoft Store Features Coming Soon

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is all set to roll out some new features for Microsoft Store, many of them quality of life improvements that the company actually already made available previously. On the Windows