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LTE Surface Pro Preorders Open

Although we still don’t have an iota of confirmation from Redmond on this, a UK retailer has gone ahead and opened preorders for the LTE Surface Pro, a new variant of the tablet that looks set for

Windows Phone Keeps On Sinking

That sinking feeling! It’s quite remarkable seeing Windows Phone sales continue around the world, even as it is known that mobile is no longer that much of a priority for Microsoft. Sure, the company continues to launch

HP Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind On The Elite x3 Price

Not in the UK, at least. The HP Elite x3 is pretty much the only real Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset on the market, but it seems that the company can’t make its mind how to best

Alcatel Flagship Windows 10 Phone Finally Comes To The UK

Took a while coming, but Alcatel has finally managed to launch its delayed Windows 10 Mobile powered flagship for buyers in the UK, the preorders of which had gone line a fair while back. Initial estimate was

Microsoft Band On Sale In The UK, Can Be Yours For £169

Or £169.99, if you like to keep tabs on your pennies. Microsoft announced a few weeks back that its Band wearable would be made available in the UK market. And coming good on that promise, the company

Microsoft Finally Adopts The Open Document Format

Remember all that hoopla between Microsoft and the UK government on adopting the ODF standard for documents last year? Well, it seems like we finally have a resolution of the issue. Read up on that here. Basically,

Microsoft Band Now Available In The UK, At Online Retailers

Took a while coming, but Microsoft Band is now going places. Places, as in retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target, as well as across the pond, in the United Kingdom. This after months and months of

Have £299 To Spare? You Can Get A Lumia 930 With Free Fitbit Flex

Finally, some Lumia 930 news. Microsoft’s strategy of delaying the launch of new Windows Phone flagships handsets until later this year when Windows 10 for Phones see daylight is having its effects. In order to move inventory,

Linx 7 Windows 8.1 Tablet Launches In The UK For £80

Technology enthusiasts in the UK don’t have it easy with pricing of their items, thanks to taxes and currency conversion rates. The Linx 7 Windows 8.1 tablet, however, provides them with a decently affordable option. While the

Organizations Need Even More Extended Windows XP Support

Microsoft pulled the plug on one of its most popular operating system, effectively ending Windows XP support earlier this year. April 8, to be exact. Needless to say, even with a high amount of early warnings, several