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Intel And AMD Team Up To Revolutionize Notebooks

Stranger things have happened. Intel and AMD, the two companies few would have thought would have collaborated, are doing just that. The rumors of these two chip giants working together have come true. Basically, Intel has confirmed

The HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Ultrabook Is Light As A Feather

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 arrives as a refresh to the last year model, the EliteBook Folio 1040. And thanks to the new Intel Core M Broadwell architecture, the device is quite a looker. The company gives buyers

Intel Core M Notebooks Pricing Starts At A Remarkable $199

The first batch of Intel Core M notebooks is on track for release this holiday season, though most of the new such machines will only arrive early next year. Just ahead of the regular Broadwell powered products.

ASUS Zenbook NX500 Goes Official With Impressive 4K Display

The search for the best display on a laptop, and by that extension even on a PC, could well come to end with the ASUS Zenbook NX500. This new flagship ultrabook was officially unveiled at Computex 2014

Next Generation Broadwell Ultrabooks Said To Be Coming In Q4 2014

Been holding out on that ideal ultrabook purchase? How about some Intel Broadwell magic? The elusive central processing family has been delayed from its original schedule, but interest in it remains high. Part of that is due

Toshiba Kira Ultrabook Lineup Refreshed With A Startling 22 Hours Battery Life

The more pressing matter here, ladies and gentlemen, is why they could not go for a full day, 24 hour charge. That would have been really something. But this is really something too. Toshiba is most comfortable

Acer TravelMate P645 Ultrabook Finally Comes To The US And Canada

One would expect an ultrabook with the word travel in its name to make appearances in markets the world over in a hasty manner, but it has been a while since Acer unveiled its TravelMate P645 and

Fujitsu Unveils New Enterprise Laptops, Including The Slimmest Ever Ultrabook

While the usual suspects like Dell, HP, Lenovo and friends have been rather quick to unveil their latest Windows 8.1 devices, other popular hardware makers are still unveiling their new solutions leading up to the launch of

Lenovo Unveils Its Stylish Convertible, The Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook

Those of you that have been waiting for the deluxe ultrabook can now get your hands on it. Lenovo has finally unveiled the new Yoga 2 Pro, the new and improved redesign of the original Yoga 13.

HP Unleashes Its Spectre 13 Lineup, Hybrid And Ultrabook Models Available

If there is one thing you can be sure of in the coming weeks, it is a whole bunch of product announcements, as hardware vendors scurry and scamper to release new models ahead of the anticipated Windows