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Have £299 To Spare? You Can Get A Lumia 930 With Free Fitbit Flex

Finally, some Lumia 930 news. Microsoft’s strategy of delaying the launch of new Windows Phone flagships handsets until later this year when Windows 10 for Phones see daylight is having its effects. In order to move inventory,

Microsoft To Launch New Internet Security Program For Children

The Redmond based technology titan has announced a new Internet safety program aimed to help parents in the United Kingdom protect their children when browsing the web. The UK government, as you might recall, asked for help

Microsoft Will Demo Windows 8 And Surface Tablets In British Airports

Redmond may be getting very close to the public debut of Windows Blue as well as the next generation Surface slates, but its global marketing blitz for the original Surface and Windows 8 is not yet over.

Microsoft Launches New Skype Contest, Spectacle Wearer Of The Year

The technology titan has recently launched a special new Skype contest in collaboration with MGOMD, DG MediaMind and Specsavers called ‘Spectacle Wearer of the Year’. This new contest is available for British Skype users who wear glasses.

Surface Pro Finally Goes On Sale In The United Kingdom

It has been almost a year since Microsoft first announced the Surface tablets, June 2012 to be specific, and finally users in UK can finally get their hands on the Surface Pro. Microsoft has officially launched the

Surface Pro Release Dates Revealed For Australia And The UK

The wait is finally coming to an end. Ever since its launch in February, eager buyers in several markets have been clamoring to get their hands on the Surface Pro. Redmond sure took its time in announcing

Britons Frustrated By Lack Of Surface Pro

Microsoft is gearing up to launch its exotic Surface with Windows 8 Pro in a couple of days, and the company has already made clear that for this first phase, the tablet is going to be available

Microsoft Considering Opening Microsoft Store Retail Locations in the UK

As part of its strategy to grow as a services, hardware and software company, Microsoft has put a lot of focus on its effort to expand its retail store presence. At first this effort was focused only