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How To Receive Notifications For USB Issues In Windows 10

USB issues are the worst! It takes an awful lot of time and trouble to correct any problems that Windows develops with USB flash drives…


How To Create A Recovery Boot Drive USB In Windows 10

For a rainy day! Although Windows 10 is the most stable and reliable operating system Microsoft has ever put out, it still is a good…


How Fast Is USB 3.2? Very Fast

Something fast is coming your way! The bigwigs at the conveniently named USB 3.0 Promoter Group have finally decided on the USB 3.2 standard, and…

Patch Tuesday Bugs

Windows Update KB3022345 Causing USB Device Not Recognized Errors

The dreaded USB Device Not Recognized error is one of the worst problems you can encounter on Windows, and Windows Update KB3022345 is causing this…


New USB Standard Allows Tablets To Wirelessly Connect With PCs

Time for some real innovation, then! In their quest for a world without wires, tablet makers are gearing up to include a new USB standard…


10 Gbps Devices Ready For Prime Time After Approval Of USB 3.1 Standard

Even though USB 2.0 was the de facto connectivity standard for the technology industry, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard quickly took over the market soon…


Inside Windows 8: Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Welcome to our Inside Windows 8 Section of This post is dedicated to helping you guys and gals figure out the most efficient way to…


Making the Most of Flash Technology in WIndows 8

These days Windows installation is much quicker than it was back in the Windows 98 era. This is in part due to improvements in hard drive…


running Windows from a USB storage device

Apparently there will be a feature that will enable you to run Windows from a USB storage device. In Windows 8, it will be calling that…