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Surface Pro 3, Day 3: Logging in to Windows 8.1

There are many elements of Windows 8.1 that are tied to a Microsoft account. You can log in to Windows 8.1 using a Local account, but when you do so you lose much of the syncing and

Major Security Enhancements Coming To Microsoft User Accounts

Not everyone may be aware of this, but account security has recently become an immediate priority for Microsoft. The company recently rolled out two-factor authentication for user accounts earlier this year. But behind the curtains, the company

Windows Blue Preview Will Not Support Local User Accounts

The preview version of Windows Blue is nearing release in just a couple of days, and leaked documentation of the operating system has provided us with more details about this first major overhaul of Windows 8. One

Windows 8 user accounts and family safety

Interesting new section called user accounts and family safety in Windows 8. User accounts will be all the standard usr account stuff but it will be interesting to see what family safety will be…