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Windows 8 Deployment Survey Conducted, 23.3 Percent Plan to Skip Windows 8 Altogether

A new survey has been conducted that was composed of 1200 IT employees. What was it about? The survey asked about various company plans for Windows 8. Things like “who is upgrading, who isn’t”. The results? 23.3

7 things that Microsoft needs to do to encourage Metro development on Windows 8

As we all know, with the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft has created a new Metro user interface. The Metro interface (by itself) is not without flaws but it’s a clean, modern looking user interface that could

Report Says That Traditional PC Users are Unlikely to Adopt Windows 8

Research firm IDC is not expecting there to be many upgrades to Windows 8 in the coming years. They think that not a lot of people will want to upgrade to Windows 8 because it isn’t traditional