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Windows 8 – A Desktop OS Or A Mobile Device OS?

It’s 2012 and the world of computers has begun to get a bit more confusing as the traditional PC continues to become more and more pushed into the background, in favor of Internet-capable devices and mobile computing

Windows 8 – Should Microsoft Allow Customization To It’s New Tablet OS?

On the mobile front, particularly in the smart phone arena, Android has been very successful for a few key reasons – choice, customization, and competitive pricing. When it comes to the iPad or iPhone your only real

What I’d like to see in Windows 8 – Robert Kegel

This is a guest post written by Robert Kegel. I’ve been using Windows 8 since the Developers Preview and its made some nice changes. Here are a few things I think Microsoft would have to add to help

ARM PCs Could Possibly Offer A More Secure Experience

When it comes to Windows 8 there are two key changes that really seem to get the most focus, the new Metro UI and added support for ARM processors. Both of these features are certainly deserving plenty

Xbox’s Metro-Style Dashboard Blocking Some Users From Getting Online?

In order for Microsoft to win the hearts of the masses over to its new Metro-styled “Windows Everywhere” approach, it needs to make sure that the experience it presents is as flawless as possible. Microsoft has made

Report Says That Traditional PC Users are Unlikely to Adopt Windows 8

Research firm IDC is not expecting there to be many upgrades to Windows 8 in the coming years. They think that not a lot of people will want to upgrade to Windows 8 because it isn’t traditional

Is Windows 8 "Metro" Primarily Targeting The Casual Market?

The time for change is coming, and it starts in late 2012. No, I’m not talking about the rumored end of the world, instead I’m talking about the target launch time for the final version of Windows

Does Windows 8 Offer A Memorable Experience?

For those who don’t know, a few years ago I switched to Windows 7 from using Mac OSX as my primary OS. I had originally been a Windows user since Windows 3.1, but a few years into