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WindowBlinds 8 Brings Back Aero In Windows 8

Stardock has carved out a name for itself when it comes to UI customization on the Windows platform. Its WindowBlinds software in particular has enjoyed great success over the years. The program offered users of Windows XP

Getting Used To Windows 8 Only Takes 10 Minutes, Says Expert

Windows 8 is often described as a confusing operating system, particularly for new and novice users. This belief stems from both Metro and the UI changes that Microsoft introduced. Nevertheless, there are many IT experts that actually

The readers speak, what has been your experience ordering the Surface Pro this weekend?

    So it looks like the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been something akin to a disaster. Yes it seems like the devices are sold out across the country but it also seems like there has been a

My Open Letter to Julie Larson-Green: 4 simple changes you need to make to "fix" Windows 8

Mrs. Larson-Green, As we all know, Steven Sinofsky is gone. The torch has officially been passed from Mr. Sinofsky to you, Steve Ballmer and Tami Reller. As a Microsoft Corporate Vice President, responsible for Program Management of

The two clear and present barriers to Windows Phone adoption

Paul Thurrott wrote a very good piece on his site called “And the Biggest Barrier to Windows Phone Acceptance Is…”. In that article, he talks about some of the reasons he thinks that the Windows Phone platform

How Much Will You Really Use the New Windows 8 UI on a Desktop/Laptop?

A long while ago I talked about how I planned on switching to using then-called “Metro” exclusively for a while – except for whenever I absolutely needed to use Windows 8’s desktop for productivity. At the time,

Surface Centers Are Now Officially Popping Up

Recently we talked about how Germany, France, the UK, and Australia where all getting pop-up “Surface Experience Centers” as a way for Microsoft to bring users in these countries a way to play with the new tablet.

The Truth: Windows 8 DOES Improve on the Windows 7 Desktop Experience

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from the anti-Windows 8 crowd is that the desktop was largely ignored and the only real change in Windows 8 is the new start screen and other touch features. I

The Top 5 Windows 8 Features That Small Businesses Will Love

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is very different from previous versions of the Windows Operating System. A lot of small businesses liked Windows XP, skipped Windows Vista and now love Windows 7. With Windows 8 being

Gabe Newell lashes out at Windows 8 again

I swear I continue to post his quotes just to be able to repost this picture. Anyway, Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve software has more to say about Windows 8. GTTV host Geoff Keighley got right