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Microsoft Seeks User Reviews For Windows Phone Devices

Microsoft has launched a new service for owners of Windows Phone devices, asking for users to review their smartphones and phablets, in order to better get in touch with the user base. Ever since Satya Nadella took

More OneDrive For Windows Phone UI Improvements Incoming

Few would deny that the OneDrive for Windows Phone app could use more options and features. There always is room for improvements on official clients on mobile devices. Microsoft recently provided this app with a revised user

Microsoft Reveals Secret Formula Of How It Takes User Feedback Into Account

It goes without saying that Redmond is now much, much more interested in customer feedback. In fact, judging by the recent vibes, perhaps the most it has ever been. The company refined this strategy ever since Windows

What apps are missing from Windows 8? What apps do you want to see?

I saw this on Neowin yesterday and thought it was a great idea. I would like to ask you all – what apps are you waiting for in Windows 8 that you haven’t seen yet? Do you

Microsoft Talks About Windows 8 Tweaks

Now that Windows 8 has been out for about a month, most of us have had the time to play with it, use the new Metro interface, and then complain about what we don’t like. In response