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Why Is Windows 10 UI Still A Mess?

Jeez, how many shades of grey does one need? A lot, apparently. If you think Windows 10 UI is a mess, then you are not alone. As this cool little image illustrates so aptly. Consistency is a

Microsoft Store Getting Even More Improvements

More of a good thing is never bad, right? Well, that seems to be the driving philosophy for Microsoft, as the company has lined up even more Microsoft Store improvements for Windows 10 users. Users accessing the

Design Concept Amps Up Windows 10 File Explorer

In case Microsoft needs more ideas on how to revamp its file manager, this Windows 10 File Explorer concept has got it covered. This design is one of many to update the UI of this key feature

This Concept Is Fluent Design Done Right

No better way to end the week than with a Windows 10 concept! More so, a concept like this that does a great job of showcasing the new Fluent Design philosophy that Microsoft is pursuing. An awesome

Windows 10 Concept Goes Full Windows XP

Feeling blue? How about we brighten up your life with a new Windows 10 concept that has been doing the rounds lately. Extra kudos if you love the Windows XP look. And that’s because this design imagines

Fluent Design Comes To The Windows 10 Mobile Store

Easy does it. Microsoft just updated the Windows 10 Mobile Store with a Fluent Design System treatment, and needless to say, these subtle changes looks quite slick. As spotted, these new UI elements are now part of

Windows 10 Mail, Calendar Apps Get Fluent Design

These are two of the most popular, more used Windows 10 apps. Microsoft has given the Mail and Calendar applications in its latest operating system the Fluent Design System treatment. Windows Insiders have been testing these sleek

Windows 8.1 Made To Look Exactly Like Windows XP

What took them so long! Windows XP still powers some 18% of computers the world over, but the vintage platform is steadily losing users and people upgrade to newer solutions. Once such solution is Microsoft’s latest —

Redesigned Skype For Windows Gets Rid Of The Beta Tag

The Skype team at Microsoft is, for what it’s worth, tackling a few different ideas at once. And although progress has been slow, the various versions of Skye are catching up. It is a bit of a

Skype Desktop Clients Updated With New User Interface

Windows and OS X users rejoice, for the Skype desktop clients have finally received the long awaited refresh that was supposed to bring along a new user interface. It has been a long time coming, but the