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Microsoft Opens Transparency Center To Allow Governments Access To Source Code

Amid the fury and furor from the Chinese government that the newer versions of Windows came with a secret backdoor, Microsoft have now announced the opening of their first Transparency Center. The software titan already had a

Microsoft Explains Its Position On PRISM And The NSA, Calls For Transparency

Like other large technology companies, Microsoft also squarely finds itself in the spotlight as part of the PRISM scandal. Recent reports have claimed that the company provided direct access to user accounts to the NSA (National Security

Google Fans Launch MicroShafting, Their Own Anti-Microsoft Campaign

The search engine giant took Redmond’s Scroogled campaign quite gracefully, but the same cannot be said of some fans of Google, who have got together and launcher their very own Anti-Microsoft effort. Dubbed MicroShafting, fans are using

Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Brings Result, Google To Revamp User Privacy

Microsoft may finally be on the verge of a big win against its rival Google, as reports are coming in that the search engine giant is planning a major update to address recent privacy concerns. Google Wallet

Smartscreen in Windows 8 triggers privacy concerns

A very interesting find by a researcher called Nadim Kobeissi. He found that a Microsoft application called Smartscreen will by default, inform Microsoft of every app downloaded and installed by every user. He claims that users are not

The one BIG advantage Windows 8 Tablets will have over all Apple iPads

I ordered the new iPad on the launch date a week ago and can’t wait to get it in the mail. It has a lot of cool cutting edge technology and will undoubtedly be the standard for

Is Microsoft tracking Windows Phone users or not?

So there has been a back and forth regarding Microsoft’s Windows Phone and location tracking services. Microsoft has sworn up and down ( to the U.S. House of Representatives) that: 1. User Choice and Control. Microsoft does not