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How To Determine The Account Type In Windows 10

Whenever you set up Windows, you are required to create a user account. An administrator account, rather, one that allows you to set up your PC and install all apps and software programs. However, if you add

How To Find Your Security Identifier (SID) In Windows 10

There may come a time when you need to know the security identifier (SID) for a specific user on your system. Microsoft added this feature in Windows Vista, and it continues to be part of Windows 7,

How To Add Guest Account In Windows 10

Microsoft, for some fine reason, removed the built-in guest account in Windows 10. But it is still possible to add one manually, via a simple workaround that involves the good old Command Prompt. Goes without saying that

How To Delete User Accounts In Windows 10

If you want to remove a user account from your Windows 10 computer because you don’t need it anymore, then the process of deleting it is fair simple. Deleting a user account will remove it from the

Microsoft Sure Knows How To Anger Windows Phone Users

In a world of peaches, don’t ask for apple sauce! Microsoft has come under fire from angry Windows Phone users, who are once again disappointed with the lack of focus from the company on its own mobile

This one’s for you – What do you want to see in Windows Blue or Windows 8.1?

So there have been a lot of rumors on the web lately about Windows 8.1 and how many changes are going to be made to Windows 8. The real question though is not what the pundits think

Windows 8 has less pre-release users than Windows 7 did- Does it matter?

Yesterday I spoke a little about the survey that allegedly claims most users prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8- even though most of these users haven’t even used Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. Today new drama is being

Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Users

In Windows 8, you can configure what account you use to sign in to the Operating System. You can get to this from the Charms > Settings > More PC Settings > Users You can switch between

Will Windows 8 Changes Attract Or Drive Away Users?

Since the creation of Windows 95 there has been little true evolution in the design of the Windows interface, at least until now. Don’t get me wrong, Windows has certainly evolved since the days of Windows 95,