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Microsoft Is Now Valued At $300 Billion

The good news just keeps on rolling! Microsoft is working hard at ensuring long term profitability, and the efforts seem to be paying off. It was just last week that Redmond revealed revenues of $18.5 billion. This

OMG – Apple is worth how much?

Holy cow! With Apple’s new stock surge, their market cap is now at $456 BILLION. This is now worth more than .. wait for it… Google and Microsoft combined! Google and Microsoft combined! This after Apple reported

The Kinect is Microsoft’s not so secret weapon

My cousin Efosa told me a while ago “Watch out for the Kinect, it’s really amazing”. Well as usual, he was right. This tool is turning out to be one of the most creative and strategic tools

Windows 8 tablet UI – the real danger for Microsoft.

So one of the mistakes people make when they read my blog or find my blog is that they assume I am a Microsoft Windows advocate. I am not and do not own any MSFT stock either.