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Microsoft Loses Board Member, As Stephen Luczo Departs

You win some, you sure as daylight lose some. The only question here is who has won and who could end up on the losing side, as Microsoft continues its transformation plan with another change. This time

ValueAct Capital President Added To Microsoft’s Board Of Directors

It’s remarkable what some $2 billion in coins gets you these days! ValueAct Capital chose Microsoft as its next target, injected in a little dough, and has now been granted a seat in the company’s board. Oh,

Two Influential Shareholders Want Nadella To Get Rid Of Bing, Xbox And Surface

And the politics begin! There are many that swear by Microsoft products like Bing, Xbox and Surface, claiming these businesses to be absolutely vital for the long term future and relevancy of the company in the technology

ValueAct Praises Microsoft, Believes Apple Has A Lot To Do To Keep Up

ValueAct Capital, one of the newest investors in Microsoft, may have been quiet these past few months, but the investment firm is believed to be one of the main forces behind CEO Steve Ballmer’s departure. In actuality,

Microsoft Signs New Cooperation Deal With ValueAct

The plot thickens. ValueAct Capital Management, the investing firm based in San Francisco, has been in the news ever since it purchased a $2 billion stake in Microsoft earlier this year. Now it has emerged that the

Steve Ballmer Denies That He Was Pushed Into Retirement

Microsoft CEO shocked everyone on Friday when he announced that he would be retiring from the company within the next year. And as expected, gossip and chatter started flowing soon after the news became official. Moments before

ValueAct Still Pursuing A Microsoft Board Seat, Wants To Sell Off The Xbox Division

Steve Ballmer just announced his retirement, and the CEO of Microsoft has decided to call it a day within the next 12 months. The head of Redmond had been under fire from several circles, former employees, media

Microsoft Shares Record The Biggest Gain In 12 Months

It’s amazing what just a little push in the right direction can do. Most analysts seem to suggest that Microsoft is not doing very well now, some naysayers even predicting total doom and gloom. Obviously the slow

ValueAct Promises Not To Disrupt Microsoft’s Long-Term Strategy

ValueAct Capital has become one of the top 20 Microsoft shareholders, after it was revealed that the hedge-fund now controls around 67.2 million shares — slightly than 1 percent of the technology titan. As is usually the

ValueAct: Microsoft Could Potentially Become The World’s Largest Company

The hottest news last night was about ValueAct Capital, the hedge-fund that took over a $2 billion stake in Microsoft.  ValueAct founder Jeffery Ubben promised a statement later in the day. And now is reporting Jeffery