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Dell Venue 11 Pro Brings Intel Core M CPU For $799

Intel Core M Broadwell processors are fast becoming a vendor favorite. Dell Venue 11 Pro, for instance, just got a makeover that uses these CPUs, and this makes for an important upgrade. An important upgrade that is

Dell Venue 11 Pro Switching To Broadwell, Core M Processor

The Intel Core M processors are going places. The debut of the Broadwell architecture is coming to the Dell Venue 11 Pro, the company’s larger Windows 8.1 tablets. The slates will be refreshed with new circuitry right

Dell Stops Selling Bay Trail Model Of Venue 11 Pro

Before we moved into the age of highly affordable, budget Windows 8.1 slates, there were only a handful of Windows powered tablets from a few Microsoft partners. This side of the Surface hardware, obviously. Dell, for example,

Dell Puts Up Its Venue 11 Pro Tablet For Preorder, Starts At $499

I guess it is safe to say that Dell has been in on a bit of a surprise spree as of late. Earlier this year, the company initiated plans to go private again, a move that it