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HP Elite x3 Verizon Edition Shows Up On Microsoft Store

A HP Elite x3 model compatible with Verizon is now available on the Microsoft Store, with Microsoft now selling the smartphone at $599, confirming the rumors that had been swirling for a while. This is a Windows

Microsoft Catching Windows 7 Pirates Via Their IP Addresses

The oldest trick in the book! But a bit surprising to see Microsoft going after Windows 7 pirates with this intensity, at this stage of the lifecycle of the operating system. And more so, with Windows 10

No Firm Date Still For Verizon Lumia Icon Denim Update

The Verizon Lumia Icon Denim update story lingers on, with no set date in sight when the new firmware will begin rolling out for users. Even Microsoft has no idea. Verizon customers started receiving the Lumia Denim

HTC One W8 Windows Phone Image Leaked Via Verizon

Well, if it had to be one source, this one is well and good. Reportedly arriving as a Verizon exclusive, the Windows Phone variant of HTC One M8 is one of the more anticipated launches this year.

HTC One M8 Windows Phone To Be Available August 21

Another exclusive? Come on! Fans of the Windows Phone platform will soon have plenty of choices at all price points, what with all manners of new companies joining in the fun. Yet, many are still holding out

Samsung ATIV SE Coming To Verizon On April 18 For $600

Nokia might be the uncrowned (or crowned) king of the Windows Phone world, but the company is soon about to taste some challenge with a host of different companies announcing plans for new devices. Basically, Lumia devices

Verizon Samsung ATIV SE Shows Up In Leaked Press Render

Press renders. Leaks. If it were not for these this fine duo, we would never have found out just how serious Verizon is when it comes to the Windows Phone platform. As it stands, fans of Microsoft’s

Samsung Preparing Huron, A New Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

As far as names go, Huron is an interesting one. It has been reserved for everything from rivers to cities, battleships to microprocessors. And now Samsung has given one of its upcoming handset this very distinct codename.

Verizon Reportedly Delays The Lumia 929, Set For An Early 2014 Launch

If you are a Verizon customer and a Windows Phone fan and were looking to buy the Lumia 929 you may actually have a rather long wait on your hands. The smartphone has been delayed to early

Verizon Will Reportedly Launch The Nokia Lumia 929 On November 21

Windows Phone fans with Verizon in the US, eagerly waiting for the Nokia Lumia 929 to launch, can now rest a bit easy. The wireless network is rumored to bring the smartphone to market next week. AT&T