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Windows 8.1 Final RTM Build Number Said To Be 6.3.9600

Redmond seems all ready and raring to push Windows 8.1 towards the RTM status next week, at least according to insider sources familiar with the matter. However, there is no word on what build number will the

First Evidence Of Windows Phone Blue Sighted In The Wild

The past few weeks have all been about Windows 8.1, from a detailing of the features of the upcoming operating system, to Outlook 2013 RT and more. Redmond has, however, been quiet on other members of the

Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 920 has a faster GPU

Apparently Nokia and Microsoft are gearing up for the Chinese launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 in a big way. How so? Apparently the Chinese Lumia 920T will have a better graphics processor. The original Lumia 920

Would A Lightweight Microsoft Windows Version For Older Hardware Be A Good Idea?

Okay, so today’s post isn’t as much of an analyze of Windows 8 features, instead it is more of me just throwing around an idea and getting community feedback. Don’t take it too seriously, I’m not suggesting

Windows 8 Build 7989 close to being leaked…

Screenshots from a Milestone 3 copy of Windows 8 leaked to the web today. Screenshots of both Microsoft’s betta fish and new wallpaper also emerged along with rumors from the BetaArchive site that the 7989 build will

Why next version of windows MAY NOT be called Windows 8 have an article out about how a Microsoft employee referred to the next version of Windows as Windows 8. They have taken that to bank as the reason why this software will be named Windows 8.