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Quick Q&A for Microsoft Windows 8

Q: What editions are available for Windows 8? A:    There are four editions now available. Windows 8: For consumers Windows 8 Pro: For business and technical professionals Windows 8 Enterprise: For enterprise customers with software assurance Windows 8

In The Not-So-Distant Future Will Windows Need To Split Up Into A Casual And Technical Version?

In a recent piece, I talked about how Windows 8 could very well be the beginning of a big revolution that could end with the death of the traditional Windows desktop. Microsoft has stated that they want

8 interesting points I noticed from Microsoft’s Windows 8 SKU announcement

Yesterday, in a flurry of announcements, Microsoft detailed the new name for Windows 8, the different versions of Windows 8 and the new name for WOA. In addition, today, Microsoft announced the new name for Windows Server

Windows 8 Milestone 3 version of Windows has leaked – 7989

A new Windows 8 build has leaked. It’s Windows 8 version 7989. The new build is currently being distributed on FTPs and file sharing sites after an anonymous leakster posted the bits to the win7vista site. The

Windows 8 N and Windows 8 E versions?

Credit to Tom Warren at Seems like Microsoft is compiling multiple editions of Windows 8 which makes sense. What is strange is that they are allegedly compiling Windows 8 E versions. Windows E versions harken back