File Explorer Concept Dark

Design Concept Amps Up Windows 10 File Explorer

In case Microsoft needs more ideas on how to revamp its file manager, this Windows 10 File Explorer concept has got it covered. This design…

Huawei Cloud PC

Huawei Brings Full Windows 10 On Android

They’ve done it! Chinese technology titan Huawei recently announced a new service, appropriately called Huawei Cloud PC, which enables users to stream Windows 10 to…


New Windows 10 Games Announced At E3

A whole bucketload of them! In case you’re unaware, E3 2018 is currently ongoing. And Microsoft set the stage on fire yesterday by announcing a…

Surface Phone Concept

Surface Phone Concept Imagines The Mythic Device

The Surface Phone may be one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory, at least in the technology world. But on the flipside, it…

Surface Hub 2

Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2

If you’ve been wondering where the Surface Hub 2 has been, wonder no more! Microsoft has made the device official, and it looks a country…

Concept Modern Windows XP

Windows 10 Concept Goes Full Windows XP

Feeling blue? How about we brighten up your life with a new Windows 10 concept that has been doing the rounds lately. Extra kudos if…

Laptop User Happy

First Windows 10 April 2018 Update Videos Are Here

Microsoft has released a bunch of new videos, first of their kind for the Windows 10 April 2018 update, the newest major version of the…

Windows Logo Sand

Redstone 4 May Be Called The Windows 10 April 2018 Update

So, no Spring Creators Update, then? There has been talk that Microsoft has had a change of heart with regards to the upcoming Redstone 4…

Windows 10 Sets

Tabs Indeed Coming To Windows 10 As Sets

Windows 10 Sets. We heard about this most wanted addition to the operating system not too long ago, and now there is confirmation that Microsoft…

Surface Pen

Surface Pen Shown Running On Lumia Smartphone

Talking about a Lumia smartphone seems like talking about something from ages ago, what with the handset lineup no longer being in focus for Microsoft. However,…