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Want to run iOS apps on Android? Well now you can!

Technology. You just can’t wrap your head around it. There was a time when it was actually somewhat fruitful to brag about certain apps that might be exclusive to one platform. Well, if we talk about a

AMD Brings Android Virtualization To Windows Tablets And Notebooks

AMD, in more ways than one, has so far idled out in the mobile game, unlike its closest rival Intel. But the company recently made some moves to chart out its own unique strategy in this evolving

Parallels With A Modern UI Coming Soon To Windows 8

This could be interesting. If a job posting is anything to go by, Parallels is reportedly looking to port its software to Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms, modern interface and all. You may know

TrainSignal – 24 hours to Save $100 on VMware training

For those of you who are interested in Virtualization, there is a deal you might not want to pass up. Trainsignal have introduced a new VMware course into their training library. It’s called VMware vCenter Operations Manager

Parallels Holdings Ltd announces the latest version of its Mac virtualization tool, Parallels Desktop 8.0.18100

Parallels Holdings Ltd just announced the launch of the latest version of its Mac virtualization tool, Parallels Desktop 8.0.18100. This software allows Mac users to run Linux and Windows (among others), in a virtual environment, while integrating

Metro Working Slowly In Virtual Box After Installing Guest Additions? Here A Few Tips To Solve The Problem

Just days ago, I wrote an article about installing Windows 8 Release Preview using virtualization software, namely VirtualBox. I chose this solution because it seemed to have great overall results and is a free way to get

Microsoft shed some light on Windows 8 Enterprise

Microsoft have opened up the kimono just a bit on features we can expect from the Windows 8 Enterprise SKU. This comes in an April 18 post to the “Windows for Your Business” blog. Here’s a part

Running VMware 8 Inside Of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Just recently I wrote about a few glitches that exist within Windows 8 Consumer Preview, one of this had to do with missing pixels while rendering 3D gaming. At the time I said I had yet to

Are Windows 8 And The Cloud A Match Made In Heaven?

In Windows 8, the cloud is finally starting to become a useful and integrated part of the experience, though I’m sure this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship between future Windows releases and cloud technology

Printing enhancements in Windows 8 – new developments for business

Some cool changes are coming to Windows 8 re: printing. Three interesting points… IT pros can use Hyper-V and fail over clusters of print servers to remove the need for special drivers. If one of the virtualized print servers