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Microsoft provide exhaustive detail about virtualizing storage for scale, resiliency, and efficiency in Windows 8

I swear, these people at MSFT just do not rest at all. The folks at the Windows 8 development blog are back again with a very comprehensive post on storage and virtualization in Windows 8. This time

Windows Video – Building social games for Windows 8 with Windows Azure

Another video from Microsoft. Building a great social gaming experience for your users can be a challenging task. Your game has to be well designed, have a great user interface and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Windows Video – Building scalable web applications with Windows Azure

Another Windows Azure video. Learn how to harness the power of both the modern browser and the cloud to build a lightning fast Web app. Microsoft go in depth into the architecture of a highly scalable Web

Windows Video – deep dive into Windows Azure Storage

A new video from Microsoft. This time, they discuss Windows Azure. Windows Azure Storage provides a scalable and reliable storage service for accessing Blobs, Tables, and Queues for Microsoft’s new cloud OS. In this video, you will

Windows Video – Hyper-V and continuously available systems

Another video from the Microsoft library. This time it’s related to Windows Server and deals with high availability systems. Customers demand continuous availability from their Hyper-V deployments. In Windows Server 8, Hyper-V delivers better availability and scalability to customers.

Building blocks for a Windows Server 8 cloud

Another video from Microsoft. This one deals with the tradeoffs and technologies that must be considered when building servers, networks and storage for cloud scale data centers. Some of the tradeoffs will include performance, reliability, security, flexible

Windows 8 and Multi-Core Support

These days just about every computer on the market features at least two cores, even many Atom netbooks and even some tablets. The great thing about multiple core processing is the ability to do certain tasks more

Hyper-V networking in Windows Server 8

On eo the great pluses about Windows Server 8 is virtualization. The big feature in Windows Server 8 is Hyper-V or Hyper Virtualization. New features in Windows Server 8 expand Hyper-V for performance, reliability, scale and security. In this

Windows Server 8 Hyper V 3.0

As you all know by now, Microsoft has released its server edition of Windows 8 which offers extensive support for cloud computing and virtualization. Microsoft Hyper-V is a virtualization technology for x86-x64 systems that use Windows 8

Windows 8 Server Review

Cloud computing is the new age paradigm being adopted by almost all IT installations. Organizations are increasingly focused on building applications that can be deployed either on premises or on cloud. Windows server 8 is an optimized