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First Windows Phone Malware Possibly Spotted In The Wild

Hot on the heels of the first Windows 8.1 RTM glitch, we now have a distributing little development on the Windows Phone front. But while Microsoft will easily fix the Windows 8.1 bug, this one requires much

New Autorun Virus Targets Windows 8

If you are still running an unpatched installation of the latest versions of Windows, you could potentially be at risk — high risk. A new form of malware has reared its ugly head, one that exploits a

First Windows 8-Specific Malware Arrives

Windows 8 isn’t even out yet and malware is already showing up specifically to target Microsoft’s newest operating system. Austrian-based Security Analyst Peter Kleissner had designed an exploit that is able to load from a hard drive’s

Windows 8: Kill a virus, but keep your personal data

Viruses, unfortunately, often force users to restore their machines to the factory settings, a painful process that involves loss of applications and personal data. Microsoft, however, is working on a new reset option that will retain files