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Microsoft will release the Visual Studio 2012 beta next week

From Mary Jo Foley. Microsoft is providing a handful of  pre-selected reporters with a sneak peek of the beta release of Visual Studio 11 (Visual Studio 2012) on Thursday February 23. It’s looking like Microsoft will be delivering the

Visual Studio Live is in Las Vegas March 26-30. Coding and Vegas – what could be better?

The Visual Studio Live 2012 conference will be held in March in Las Vegas. Stay and play at Visual Studio Live! headquarters — The Mirage Hotel & Casino. It’s a great opportunity to interact one-on-one with industry

Windows 8 Training: Tips & tricks: how to use Visual Studio to the fullest

Another training video from Microsoft talking about how to utilize Visual Studio. It’s called Tips & tricks: how to use Visual Studio to the fullest and it’s presented by Weston Hutchins and Phil Price. Video description In this fast-paced

Windows Video – Presenting whats new in Visual Studio 11

Microsoft have update Visual Studio. The new version of Visual Studio (version 11) enables developers to take full advantage of the capability of Windows using the skills and technologies they already know. Regarding Windows 8, Visual Studio 11 is

Windows Video – parallelization with .NET and Visual Studio

Another good video from the MSDN Microsoft library. In this code-intensive video session, Microsoft teach what’s next for parallelization with .NET and Visual Studio, diving deep into performance enhancements, new Visual Studio tooling, and new libraries and

Using XAML for designing Metro style apps in Visual Studio 11 Express

Another one of the development tools used in Windows 8 is XAML. What is XAML? Microsoft would define it this way: XAML is a declarative markup language. As applied to the .NET Framework programming model, XAML simplifies

Using C++ to develop Metro style apps in Visual Studio 11 Express

This is another video from Microsoft in the developing for Metro in Windows 8 series. In Metro, developers and designers have opportunities that haven’t been seen in a Microsoft Operating System in quite a long time. They