VLC For Windows 8 Archive

Developer Shares New VLC For Windows 8.1 Details

One of the more popular apps on the Windows Store, VLC for Windows 8.1 still has a lot of distance to travel, as the application is currently missing a whole bunch of important features. Thomas Nigro, one

New Design And More Features Coming To VLC Player For Windows 8.1

VideoLAN started a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 in order to raise the necessary funds to port the VLC Player to Windows 8. This was around the time the new OS was released. More than 3,000

VLC For Windows 8 Drew Inspiration From Microsoft Zune

VideoLAN president and lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf is on a bit of a press tour of his own, what with their flagship application now finally released on the Windows Store. VLC for Windows 8 is now available

VLC For Windows 8 Receives First Update, Early Download Statistics Shared

After the somber news that development on Firefox for Windows 8 was stopped, just as the web browser was about to go live, we have some positive reports on another key Metro app. Mozilla may have decided

VLC For Windows 8 Launches To User Disappointment, Low Ratings

One of the more anticipated Windows 8 application launched yesterday to less than stellar reviews. If anything, several users that installed the beta version of VLC for Windows 8 were left with that sinking feeling of dissatisfaction.

Microsoft Did Not Really Help All That Much, Says VLC Lead Developer

The Modern UI port of VLC media player for Windows 8 arrived on the Windows Store late yesterday, after a lengthy, lengthy development period of easily more than a year. And as promised, the lead developer on

Windows 8.1 App Watch: VLC For Windows 8

Oh it feels good typing this! At the very least we will not have to deal with horror stories of how the release got delayed once again, for one reason or another. And at the most, Microsoft’s

VLC For Windows 8 Hits The Windows Store In Public Beta Form

Long roads, long, lingering roads! One of the most popular free media players is now in Metro form, as VLC for Windows 8 has just been approved and made available for download on the Windows Store. The