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Check Out This VLC For Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshots Gallery

The Windows Phone Store is set to host a high profile app soon, in the form of VLC for Windows Phone 8.1, and although we have had a number of teases from developers, some new details are

Developer Shares New VLC For Windows 8.1 Details

One of the more popular apps on the Windows Store, VLC for Windows 8.1 still has a lot of distance to travel, as the application is currently missing a whole bunch of important features. Thomas Nigro, one

VLC For Windows 8.1 Should Be With Us This Monday, Hopefully

This time it appears that the launch is finally happening. The modern version of the popular VLC Media Player has been a long time coming, even as some very capable media playback apps have reached the Windows

New VLC For Windows 8.1 Screenshots Show The User Interface

Ask any Windows 8 users, and chances are that one of their most anticipated apps would be the Metro version of the popular VLC media player. Windows RT users, are actually the ones that are looking forward

VLC For Windows Phone 8 Also Inching Closer To Release

The Metro versions of the VLC media player program sure are taking their sweet time to get here. VLC for Windows 8.1 is one of the most anticipated apps on Microsoft’s flagship platform. And the good news

VLC For Windows 8.1 Finally Gets Audio Output, Launch Imminent

App development of Microsoft’s modern platforms is as straightforward a process as any, provided you are creating a straightforward app. But an advanced multimedia application like VLC takes time and effort, effort and time. The developers behind

VLC For Windows 8 Should Be Ready For Release Any Time Now

Fans of the VLC multimedia player are eagerly awaiting the dedicated Windows 8 version of the app, which has been in development for quite some time. If you are one of these countless fans, then the good

VLC For Windows 8 Development Is Almost Complete

One of the most popular multimedia players in the world should soon find itself available for users of Microsoft’s newest platform. VLC for Windows 8 is nearly release, and fast. VideoLAN, the developer of the application have

Week In Review (Apr 1 – Apr 5)

Quite a fulfilling week by Microsoft’s standard. Not only did it expand the Surface Pro into a new market, all its product and services (from Windows 8 to Windows Store) posted positive numbers. To top it off,

Here Are The First Official Screenshots For The Windows 8 VLC App

Windows 8, Apps, VLC, VideoLAN, Screenshots The VLC app for Windows 8 is, undoubtedly, the most anticipated application for Microsoft’s newest platform. In development right now, it is nearing its release date in the coming months. Along