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Vodafone Australia Lumia 925 Users To Get Windows Phone 8.1 Soon

When it comes to updates and releases, Vodafone Australia are quite a chatterbox. The carrier regularly keeps users in the loop, and well, they now have something to say about Windows Phone 8.1. There is word that

Microsoft Will Partner With AT&T And Vodafone For LTE Surface

Redmond made official its second generation Surface and Surface Pro tablets towards the end of last month, but no LTE enabled models were unveiled at that time. Nevertheless, the company was quick to confirm that it is

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update For HTC 8X Cancelled

Boy, the Windows Phone situation is fast becoming, shall we say, a bit foggy. Even though Microsoft has made no secret of its commitment to Windows Phone partners, the companies have been rather quiet on the Nokia

Vodafone Gearing Up To Launch Five Windows Phone 8 Devices

And you will not even have to wait up for them. The UK telecommunication giant has just confirmed the availability of a bunch of Windows Phone 8 smartphones up for grabs come February 6. Vodafone UK had