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Walmart Selling A $99 Windows 8.1 Tablet On Black Friday

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And if you are in the mood for a $99 Windows 8.1 tablet, then Walmart has you covered on Black Friday with a pretty decent option. This

Surface RT 32GB Sold Out At Walmart Online Store

If it survives the next few years, Microsoft’s Surface RT will have quite a story to tell. The slate was Redmond’s first real foray into the hardware domain. Seemingly, the technology titan learned more from the tablet

Huawei Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, W1, To Be Sold In The US

Microsoft announced nearly a year back (in June 2012, as a matter of fact) that the Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei would be one of its four partners for Windows Phone 8. Huawei recently released the Ascend W1,

Surface Pro rollout – Best Buy, Staples and Walmart updates

This is pretty impressive. So this weekend, I called and went to several Staples, Best Buy and Staples stores in the Southern California area. Here’s what it looked like.. Best Buy They keep insisting that the Surface

Nokia Lumia 920 just $49.99 at Walmart, Lumia 820 free

Did you think that $99 from AT&T was a great deal for the Nokia Lumia 920? Apparently, they are selling it even cheaper through Walmart. How cheap? Just $49.99 for a Nokia Lumia 920 with a two-year