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Eric Schmidt of Google: Our Battle with Apple is Over. We Won.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, in a recent interview with Bloomberg declared that Android’s undeclared war with iOS is pretty much over … and his side won. The key to the victory, he said, is massive demand for

Will the Google/Microsoft Cold War Kill Windows Phone 8?

Mutual disdain between two technology giants, Microsoft and Google has evolved into a full scale cold war in the smartphone and tablet arenas. This was perhaps inevitable, but the recent raft of ads by Microsoft deriding Google

Apple Blocks The SkyDrive App From Store, Wants 30%

And the war begins. It has been a while since Apple has locked horns with Microsoft, but the latest leaves skirmish could leave not just the future of SkyDrive on the iOS platform in doubt. The story

Apple have openly declared war on the PC

Apple have openly declared war on all PC’s both Windows and Mac and they aren’t being shy about it. “There is cannibalization clearly of the Mac by the iPad, but we continue to believe there is much

Windows 8 phones on Intel?

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says his company plans to offer smartphones with Windows 8. This puts the chipmaker on a direct collision course with Microsoft who just announced their plans to make mobile Windows 8 run on