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Microsoft Updates Several Apps, Including Skype And Weather

The start of a new month is usually when the teams over at Redmond unleash new versions of the default Windows 8 apps, and smack on target a few news ones are available. Microsoft have refreshed a

App Watch: Raindrop

The built-in weather app that Microsoft has bundled in with the latest versions of its Windows operating system is a perfectly capable application that serves its purpose and more. But if the default Weather app is not

Best Weather Apps Showcase Pops Up On The Windows Store

Another day, another new category on the Windows Store! The News and Weather category on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository is brimming with apps, and now Microsoft is showcasing a selection. This new subcategory is for users that

App Watch: Storm

If there is one category on the Windows Store that seems to be awfully well represented it is ‘News & Weather’. Weather in particular, as the number of weather applications for Windows 8 is quite large. But