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Windows 10 Timeline Coming To The Web?

There is evidence of a new Timeline implementation, folks. Looks like Microsoft is gearing up to bring this useful Windows 10 feature to another handy location. The web, of all things. Redmond has been working to expand

Windows 10 Will No Longer Trust Certificates From Two Chinese Companies

The two Chinese companies are currently embroiled in controversies where technology firms are deprecating their certificates, and Microsoft has now also joined in and made a decision. A design to remove the certificates issued by WoSign and

Microsoft’s 256 GB Surface Pro will be available in less than a week.

Wow, that was quick. I just got off the phone with a rep from CDW who assured me that I wasn’t high or on crack. More importantly, my eyes weren’t deceiving me. CDW part 3065473 and Manufacturer

Microsoft launch Devcamps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure and the Web

Interesting new website from Microsoft for their Developer Camps. The URL is http://www.devcamps.ms/ It basically is a hub for Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Web technologies and Windows 8 training. When you click on the Windows Camps link you

How Linking To Metro Apps On The Web Will Work

Recently MS posted a new blog entry at the Windows Store for developers website that went into a few new details about how apps discovery works for users of Windows 8. According to a program manager on