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Microsoft Explains Its Position On PRISM And The NSA, Calls For Transparency

Like other large technology companies, Microsoft also squarely finds itself in the spotlight as part of the PRISM scandal. Recent reports have claimed that the company provided direct access to user accounts to the NSA (National Security

Microsoft Plans To Kill Off Skype Desktop API By The End Of 2013

In its bid to encourage developers to make the switch to Skype UIRs and create apps for desktop, mobile and web platforms, the Skype team has announced that it will be discontinuing support for the Desktop API

Skype To Increase Focus On Performance And Enhanced Video Quality

Microsoft’s popular VoIP platform, Skype, is now playing an integral role in the company’s future plans. And speaking of future, Redmond has recently outlined the general roadmap for future improvements for the communication platform. In a new

Skype For Reportedly Launches In Germany

Microsoft recently announced that Skype, it’s popular VoIP service will be integrated with, the company’s email platform. But like most things this large in scale, the software titan announced a phased roll out across the world.

Microsoft’s Skype Helps Save Man’s Life

And you thought you loved Skype? Just ask Roy Hicks, a 79-year-old man residing in South Africa. There is a fair chance that he loves Microsoft’s VoIP platform more than anyone else in the world. His life

30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 16

One of the greatest benefits of mobile computing is the ability to work remotely. Armed with a notebook PC, tablet, or even just a smartphone under the right circumstances, you can get work done from just about

Skype For Windows To Get Video Messaging In April

Users of Microsoft’s communication platform may already be aware that Redmond has planned some major updates for Skype — not only it is set to get video messaging, but the platform is getting ready to welcome Windows

Skype Gives Away 1 Month Of Free Calls

It definitely is the season of giving. Skype has just announced its very own giveaway by launching its new campaign that offers users 1 month of free calls. The Premium Skype service allows users to call landline

The Tablet Stakes are hotting up!

With the arrival of Windows 8 and the subsequent demand for tablet computers, a cheap alternative to the more high-priced tablets has arrived on the scene. Before you read any further, be advised this review is not

Skype 6 out now, Some Users Also Getting New Windows 8 Metro Skype Today

Today and tomorrow are both pretty big days for Microsoft’s Skype. First up, we have the newest version of Skype for Windows (desktop). The newest version not only helps push Messenger integration forward, it also has a