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Microsoft Said To Be In Talks To Purchase Dailymotion Video Service

The start of something exciting? Microsoft is, once again, said to be interested in a deal with Dailymotion, the increasingly popular video streaming website. According to this report by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Orange are

Redmond Launches A New Stats Website, Microsoft By The Numbers

Microsoft is currently going through a particularly interesting transformation, and perhaps the most notable of changes is its enhanced focus on directly connecting with end users and consumers. The Redmond based technology titan loves to talk numbers

Windows 8.1 Preview Website Launched By Microsoft

It seems that Redmond has pretty much made most of its preparations for the anticipated launch of the public preview build of Windows 8.1 at the BUILD developer conference later this month. Not only has the software

Windows Dev Center Gets A Revamp Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Launch

Microsoft is busy preparing for the crucially important release of Windows 8.1 later this year, but the software titan wants to go in all bases covered this time around. And perhaps the most important part of this

Microsoft Gives Its Online Store A Modern New Redesign

To say that Redmond’s online store is a major part of its retail strategy would be an understatement. The technology titan has used its online store to showcase not just its own solutions, but the most popular

Microsoft Launches New Windows XP Retirement Website

Microsoft sure is quick to launch dedicated websites. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, this one was pretty much essential considering just how many users and businesses are still on Windows XP. If there is

Microsoft’s website gets a new look

Well, Microsoft has been giving a new look to all its products and services. From Windows Phone to Windows 8, from Bing to Xbox 360, and from Hotmail to SkyDrive, Microsoft had been incorporating its Metro style design into everything they seems to have shut down

Fixing Windows 8 — a new site run (apparently run) by user interface designer and former Microsoft employee Michael Bibik Jr seems to have been shut down. The URL seems to be going to a blank page

Yes, this Windows 8 site was hacked

So imagine you have this thriving website with thousands of daily visitors and you got to sleep on Saturday night thinking about new posts for the week that you have to edit, new writers you’ve hired etc.