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Website Microsoft By The Numbers

Microsoft Finally Updates Its By The Numbers Website

Fresh statistics! Get your fresh statistics here! It was back in the good old days of 2015 that Redmond launched the Microsoft By the Numbers…


New Update Makes Remix 3D Better Than Ever

Microsoft finally got around to adding a couple of much needed features to its Remix 3D website, a place where the company allows creators to…


An Outdated Windows Phone Website Sure Can Make One Dream

The stuff that dreams are made of! Apparently, outdated websites count too, as a Windows Phone admirer found out about an archaic page that hinted…


Windows Insider Program Website Gets A Facelift

It was a long time coming! Microsoft has just updated the official website of the Windows Insider Program, redesigning it with a lot more information…

Lumia 735 US Launch

Microsoft Removes Lumia 735 From Its US Website

The launch of the Lumia 735 in the United States is in doubt, as Microsoft has quietly removed the anticipated handset from its US website….

Website Surface Pro 3 Switch

Microsoft Belts The MacBook With New Surface Pro 3 Website

A website like this would have been a bit more welcome with the Surface Pro 3 first launched earlier this year, but a full six…


Microsoft Launches New Website For Mobile Devices

Microsoft Mobile is very much a thing, but not many know about it. They will, after visiting this new website that the technology titan has…


Windows Phone 8.1 Briefly Shows Up On Official Website

Windows Phone 8.1 is set to be unveiled at the BUILD developer conference in early April, which is hundreds of years in mobile technology terms….


Microsoft Launches Office Online, Gives Website A Redesign

Streamlining is the name of the game at Redmond right now, and no product is beyond this new strategy. Not even the trusty old Office…


Check Out Microsoft’s New Website Where Employees Describe Their Life In Redmond

One thing Microsoft has been doing real well these past few years is getting close to users. Whether it is about getting in touch with…