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Week In Review (Jan 26 – Jan 30)

Week In Review returns with a vengeance! While Windows 10 was still the primary focus all month around, Microsoft made movements in other several other areas — from announcing Office 16 release date to its quarterly earnings.

Week In Review (Dec 1 – Dec 5)

Another easygoing week for Microsoft, with focus solely on the upcoming versions of Windows on various platforms. If there was one hardware piece that kept the headlines to itself, it was the upcoming imaging flagship, the Lumia

Week In Review (Nov 24 – Nov 28)

The traditionally slow week was surprisingly filled with a lot of positivity for Microsoft. Windows 8.1, for example, crossed an important, important milestone, while new price points were reached by Windows hardware, with a new tablet and

Week In Review (Nov 17 – Nov 21)

Much cause for celebration for Microsoft this past week, and a few issues of despair. The Azure cloud platform suffered a downtime, rendering services inaccessible. But in the column of successes, we have a bunch of entries

Week In Review (Nov 10 – Nov 14)

Busy few days in the world of Windows. Microsoft released a few things, a couple of them leaked out. Overall a smashing week for the company that saw the release of the third iteration of Windows 10

Week In Review (Nov 3 – Nov 7)

A steady week for Microsoft, save for one bombastic change of direction. The software titan unveiled the preview version of Office for Android tablets, while at the same time making the productivity suite free on all mobile

Week In Review (Oct 27 – Oct 31)

If the past couple of weeks were all about Windows 10, this one slowed things down on that front. Instead, Microsoft unleashed their first wearable device, going by the name of Microsoft Band. Other than that it

Week In Review (Oct 20 – Oct 24)

The momentum continues to shift towards Windows 10, with build 9860, the first ever refresh of the new operating system now out in public. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, meanwhile went on a bit of a press tour

Week In Review (Oct 13 – Oct 17)

An interesting little week for Microsoft, with almost all attention shifted towards what’s next for the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was released at the start of this month. Other than that, it was business as usual

Week In Review (Oct 6 – Oct 10)

The calm after the storm? Microsoft dropped a bombshell a couple of weeks back by announcing Windows 10, and the release of the Technical Preview at the very start of this month has provided us with some