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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Wi-Fi connectivity problem and fix

So I’m still slogging my Microsoft Surface Pro around seeing how it works (or doesn’t) for my lifestyle. I just encountered my first Surface Pro 2 wi-fi connectivity problem. I’m at Starbucks and was trying to connect

Microsoft Admits It Failed To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Bug In Surface

There are some things in life that can leave even titans clueless. Case in point is the Wi-Fi connectivity bug that has plagued some Surface RT and Surface Pro owners for a fair while now. Microsoft has

Surface Wi-Fi Bug Still Not Fixed In Latest Patch Tuesday Updates

Some bugs just refuse to die. This seems to be the case as much in the real world as it is in the world of technology. The Wi-Fi issues that has plagued several Surface tablets is one

Wi-Fi Bug Has Started Affecting Surface Pro Owners Too

This is one problem that just does not disappear. The irritating issue that has plagued a few Surface RT tablets ever since launch seems to have shown its ugly face on Surface Pro tablets as well. Users

Surface RT Wi-Fi Patch Coming Today

Finally! Finally, I say! This is one problem that has lingered on for far too long. But it seems that good news may finally be around the corner. Well, at least, according to Microsoft officials. The bug

With Over 100 Days Passed, No Fix In Sight For Surface Wi-Fi Bug

Microsoft’s first tablet Surface was released to great fanfare exactly 103 days ago, but a few users immediately started reporting various issues that popped up on the device. While Redmond has fixed a few of them, one

Microsoft Admits Surface Wi-Fi Issue Is Not Yet Fixed

The Surface Wi-Fi saga continues. Fixed, not fixed, fixed, hold on, still working. With reports that the most recent Patch Tuesday updates fixed the Wi-Fi connectivity issues on the Surface RT, it seems that plenty of users

Microsoft Still Has Not Fixed The Surface Wi-Fi Issues

That heart sinking feeling when you get to know something that you did not want to know. Here’s the lowdown. Microsoft’s monthly update cycle known as Patch Tuesday, went live a couple of days back (December 11,

Temporary Workaround For Microsoft Surface Wi-Fi Issues

The Wi-Fi issue that recently has been plaguing hundreds of Surface owners is yet to receive an official fix from Microsoft. The issue arose after a recent software update that somehow wrecked up the network adapter drivers.

Windows Phone 8 Devices will have Access to Millions of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Windows Phone 8 represents a major improvement all around from Windows Phone 7. Not only is the new start screen much more attractive, the technology inside is no longer based on CE and instead has the same